RKair Industry’s energy-saving air curtain for industrial applications makes it easy to keep the temperature at the consignment point in warehouses and cold rooms, while improving operational safety.

Image of standard RKair air curtains installed on the loading / unloading quays of a company in Paris to solve a recurring problem of the formation of condensation on boxes, which led to numerous refusals on delivery.

Passage from the warehouse to the order picking area protected by plastic slats. After a few serious accidents, due to a lack of visibility, this company will equip all its storage facilities (more than 50) with the RKair Industrie 60A air curtain.

Airlock between + 15/20°C and the storage warehouse at -27°C protected by straps and a fast door causing stalactites and dangerous soil, situation soon removed thanks to the installation RKair 60A air curtain.

“The use of a traditional refrigeration or freezer sliding door, a sectional door or a rolling door that opens and closes frequently, results in considerable energy losses.  Associated with an air curtain, the industrial door can now remain open. At the end of the day, simply closing the door and the system is automatically disabled. The RKair Industrie air curtain separates hot from cold while keeping dust, odors and insects out. It ensures an invisible thermal closure between different spaces. It is ideal in industrial environments where it is important to respect and separate different climate zones. Moreover, it offers an unobstructed and safe view and an obstacle-free passage for people and forklift trucks. The complementary solution to industrial doors. “Quickly cost-effective, the energy consumed by our RKair Industrie air curtain is very low compared to the thermal losses caused when a conventional roller door remains open, explains Roland Klingen. Because the system ensures a separation of climate zones, your total energy savings can reach up to 60 percent. In addition, there is the reduction of operational costs, you save money not only on energy but also on the installation of an antechamber or airlock, sliding doors or even strip curtains. Your people also move quickly from one area to another in complete safety (whereby the risk of accidents is noticeably reduced).




Take the example of a classic case: separation of a refrigerated room at +4°C and a room at +20°C. Previously, these two locations were separated by a fast-moving door that was opened and closed about 40 times per hour to allow forklifts to pass. These door movements are now a thing of the past. RKair offers only advantages because it allows the operators to see what is happening in the other space while the climate zones remain perfectly separated.

Benefits of the RKair Industrie air curtain

– Compact design in stainless steel.
– Optimal climate barrier.
– Safe passage and free from any obstacle.
– Low noise level.
– Reduction of energy consumption up to 60%.
– Can be used horizontally and vertically.
– Easy to install and works without interference.
– Low investment: less than 1900 € per door from 2500 mm to 3300 mm for warehouse.
– Fast amortization.
– Significant energy savings.
– Reduces CO2 emissions.

Clovis Bordenave