Roland Klingen became the promoter of the air curtain in France and the world in a few years. Focus on an essential tool for the distribution world.


Roland Klingen democratizes the air curtain, it was financially to long inaccessible for most carriers.

“Air curtains are essential equipment for distribution vehicles to optimize the preservation of the cold chain and at the same time improve the comfort and safety of the drivers.” said Roland Klingen, President of RKcom. Whatever the type of refrigerated vehicles, from light commercial vehicles to semi-trailers, our RKair curtain realizes serious energy savings for the users. The RKair curtain is therefore durable in several ways. Many companies, including transporters, landlords and bodyshops, speak with praise about the new RKair air curtain, the accessibility and personal approach of RKcom. “After intensive testing by Cemafroid and various bodybuilders, we can conclude that we have made an air curtain that protects your transported goods, even in extreme situations down to -27°C. Thanks to the tubular system, RKair is able to realize an air flow of more than 8 m/sec. In addition, the air curtain successfully passed all Cemafroid tests, including the smoke test. It is also certified PIEK, which allows an optimal exploitation of the vehicle in urban delivery at night. The residents will appreciate.

Return after investment

“The price is forgotten, the quality remains. The simplicity and reliability of the RKair air curtain make it possible to offer this invention close to the prices of plastic slats” recalls Roland Klingen. The return on investment is very fast when we calculate the energy savings to produce the cold, given the many door openings in distribution. In addition, the RKair air curtain is hygienic and reduces the risk of an accident at work. “Finally an air curtain with many sustainable properties”

Clovis Bordenave

The compact RKair for distribution trucks has a height of only 100 mm and produces an air velocity of air of 8.6m/sec.

Thanks to the very simple technology based on a tubular system, we can offer the RKair air curtain close to the prices of plastic slats.